Green Carnation - _The Acoustic Verses_
(Sublife Productions / The End Records, 2006)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
Topping the likes of 2002's _Light of Day, Day of Darkness_ might as well be looked upon mostly as an exercise in frustration, yet this diversified troop of experimentalists suffered the task without batting so much as an eyelash. Rich in experience, Green Carnation brings to bear all of their considerable skilled know-how all throughout the substantial expanse of _The Acoustic Verses_'s forty-three and a half minute duration. Tchort, a familiar name to most fans from Emperor, Satyricon, Einherjer and Carpathian Forest, remains the sole founding member. As Tchort explains in the opening essay found on the first pages of CD inlay, "we've experimented about as much as the members of the band and the listeners will take, without any loss of identity". This is, as they say, an understatement of epic proportions, yet ultimately true, with one minor caveat: each track comprising _TAV_ strikes a rather analogous chord for such an empirical outfit as GC.

Again pushing the far reaches of the darkened melancholy periphery, _The Acoustic Verses_ taps into the expected unpredictability with ever increasing proficiency. Those too quick to criticize this effort will inevitably reveal either a lack of patience to explore the unexploited complexity of _TAV_ or, much worse yet, transparent ignorance.

Ranking as one of the shorter cuts from the album, "Alone", track four, the song waists no time at all endearing itself to the listener. In fact, clocking in at three minutes and forty-three seconds, "Alone" during this time exemplifies the very essence of GC musically; lyrically, the inspiration draws from the Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same name. As previously mentioned, improving the content found on _Light of Day, Day of Darkness_ would be a tough nut to crack -- after all, the album found its inspiration in the birth of Tchort's son. If pressured, however, the message throughout the last track from the effort, "High Tide Waves", completes the package in a consummate Green Carnation manner. The song had nearly eight minutes to accomplish this, as well, and was worth every second.

Undeniably Green Carnation is band, but also a study in the practice where understanding avoids definition. That kind of enigma places Green Carnation crossing the Rubicon for the benefit of every open-minded listener. Up to the challenge?


(article published 2/1/2006)

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