Biolich - _The Space Between Home and Today_
(Paragon Records, 2005)
by: T. DePalma (6.5 out of 10)
Selective, refined and gorged on a mountain of influences satirical and vile, _The Space Between Home and Today_ marks this native Long Island group's entrance into realms credible -- at least from those antiquated and retail oriented perspectives -- with six combustible tracks that thunder, flicker and char a pathway back into the cold, Biolich make good on their anticipated step into barcode certified, anti-utopian grind.

Evoking contrasts between death metal, hardcore and electronic music, no amount of reference adequately defines this set. Acidic stomach churns pour over layers of six-string melody, curling between impressive explosions from so modest a kit; rotund riffs evaporate into arcade strobes of gliding synth rhythms. Biolich animates on a mutant dance floor. From lung purging grind, they taper off into soft reels of acoustics that close out tracks like "Extensive Autumn Necrony" in dim avenues of mourning. It's not crossover, nor is it altogether kitsch. There is a continuity that outweighs the platitudes of one or two uneven movements.

The biggest hurdle one has to contend with here is the awkward in-studio recording sound. While pitching the occasional effete backup vocal in mock (mock?) indie pose, all but the slaughtering howls and bowels deep intonation of "Will" strikes with success in elevating the music. The bass is condensed by its own distortion, but breaks out on occasion, while the guitar trills through amplified putty -- thick surges bailing into tangled riffs that help remind the 'lich moniker as influenced by those psychotic Finns, reshaped into its own promising evolution.

At twenty-five minutes, it leaves in a hurry, but then also leaves a taste for more. Certainly there's plenty to revisit on this single recording, and it seems a wise choice that the band has taken their time arriving to this point.


(article published 22/12/2005)

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