Allhelluja - _Inferno Museum_
(Scarlet Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (3.5 out of 10)
_Inferno Museum_ sounds as if someone slipped _Holy Mountain_ by Sleep into a Pig Destroyer CD case. What we've got here is a showcase side project for Hatesphere's Jacob Bredahl and a musical outlet for Stefano Longhi, the label honcho for Scarlet Records, on drums. This Danish / Italian four-piece outfit is like a perverted musical U.N. of sorts, drawing inspirational influence for their debut release from the mostly overstated, suspect mind of Derek Raymond and his edgy fictional work "Dead Man Upright". Not much of a fan of Raymond’s work, it really didn't surprise me that Allhelluja missed the mark as well with _Inferno Museum_. It wasn't the smut and lewdness of the lyrical content (Cannibal Corpse, a favorite, doesn't growl forth Christmas hymns), but more of Allhelluja's chosen style and delivery.

As was originally alluded to, Allhelluja is a powered-down rock outfit with a metal deference. All throughout _Inferno Museum_'s forty-four minutes, Allhelluja falls flat when attempting to key in on the murky groove of influences like Unsane, Clutch, Black Sabbath and Entombed. About as close as these guys come on _IM_ to achieving this goal is with "Ego Te Absolvo", track three, and "Nervous Titter", the album's eighth cut. Both songs manage a level of intensity and chunky significance sorely lacking in places on much of the rest of the effort. While I am a shameless Hatesphere admirer, after _Inferno Museum_ was finished spinning, nearly all I could think to myself was mostly "HALLELUJAH!"


(article published 21/12/2005)

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