Summertime Daisies - _The Clarity of Impurity_
(Independent, 1996)
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (6 out of 10)
Bassist Barry Topley indicated to me that the new material was more mature, more complex, and made allusions to a direction not unlike (gods!) Cryptopsy. I was anxiously awaiting more of their music after having heard their _Gathering of Vermin_ demo and attended their shows. Their memorable, high intensity death/grind showed great promise, so I was elated when Barry handed me a complimentary copy of their independently released full-length album, _The Clarity of Impurity_. I gave it numerous listens, and while it has its moments, on the whole, I don't agree with the band when they say they've matured and progressed. In fact, I sense a certain regression, a simpler approach which leaves the songs sounding too samey. Mind you, it's well executed and has its moments, but it always seems slightly listless, not as convincing as their previous material. While some soul searching may well be in order, what's clear is that they need to inject the songwriting with sharper attacks, and more original riffs. I can't slam it entirely, because it -is- a solid recording with some interesting twists, and some damn find heavy grinding music. What's more, they tacked on the _Gathering of the Vermin_ tracks at the end CD to make it just under a half hour of Summertime grind.

Contact: SUMMERTIME DAISIES, 417 Richmond Street North, Box 158

(article published 16/3/1997)

5/10/1996 A Gaudrault 4 Summertime Daisies - Gathering of Vermin
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