Remembrance - _Frail Visions_
(Totalrust Music, 2005)
by: Andreas Marouchos (8.5 out of 10)
Funeral doom has always been a musical field where the sentiment essentially supercedes everything else, staying far from lackluster technical complexities. As such, its offerings can be of a very sentimentally expressive nature, infused with an intense amount of captivating emotions without them sounding excessive or overly bombastic -- and so is the case with _Frail Visions_, a delightfully mesmerizing album imbued with a grey-hued tapestry of aural sensations.

Remembrance's flavor of funeral doom harkens back to Skepticism's thick and imposing imagery of their early catalogue and to Shape of Despair's dismal orchestral apparitions. Its production is well-rounded and full, transpiring a fervent and complete sound. The beautiful instrumentations of each song are embellished by somber symphonic keyboards, intensifying the whole sensuous effect whilst revolving around a brooding rhythmical framework. The package is completed with Matthieu's brutal vocals, intermitted at times by cleaner passages of both his and Carline's ethereal vocal presence.

I always find it hard to escape from such enchanting soundscapes like the ones this French twosome is masterfully crafting, since they attain quite an addictive and commanding presence. As a whole, the album could well prove to be a tour de force piece of funeral doom, but nevertheless only within its own explicit musical niche.


(article published 21/11/2005)

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