Biohazard - _Means to an End_
(SPV Records, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (8.5 out of 10)
Biohazard is dead. Long live Biohazard.

Or should they? It's not as though these grizzlies have actually produced anything even remotely interesting since... Well, since _State of the World Address_, which was quite some time ago now. _Mata Leao_ split fans right down the middle with its punk grandstanding. _Uncivilized_ (or as it should have been known, _Biohazard & Friends_) was the sound of a band quickly losing their identity in a scene which at that point was fast being overrun by all things nu. And the less said about the post-9/11 shit-slinging contest dubbed _Kill or Be Killed_ the better. In the meantime, bands like Hatebreed have been stirring up tidal waves in the hardcore scene, 'Hazard mainman Evan Seinfeld is indulging in adult video frolics with his admittedly gorgeous wife Tera Patrick, and generally it just seemed as though the band as a whole have lost the hunger to retain their spot at the top of the mountain.

That may still be true for all we know; this is the band's official swansong, after all. But one thing is for sure. If _Means to an End_ is what Biohazard were capable of creating all these years, then it begs the question: what the fuck were they doing in the studio for the last decade? This record encapsulates everything we've come to love about Biohazard. Big burly riffs, thunderous beatdowns, boorish vocal interplays and enough masculine pugnacity to make the ink on Billy Graziadi's arms run. It's like the last three albums didn't happen.

So maybe there are moments on _Means to an End_ where you could level the argument that Biohazard are being lazy. After all, it's not like they didn't cover similar ground on _Urban Discipline_ and _State of the World Address_. But as much as the naysayers will be tempted to want to play "spot-the-riff" on tracks like "Don't Stand Alone" and "Break It Away From Me", as a total package, there aren't many that can take on Biohazard at their own game when they're on the form they are here.


(article published 15/11/2005)

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