Age of Silence - _Complications - Trilogy of Intricacy_
(The End Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
What is incredible here is in the tempest of white noise surrounding post black metal, some stand defiantly against the maelstrom. This is no easy task by a long shot. Many bands try to separate themselves from what amounts to a collective assemblage of Braille-esqe textures of merely mild interest. For better or worse, this genre is shaping up to be more difficult to individualize than death or speed ever conceivably were. That whole concept, in my opinion, flies in the face of everything that the progressive acts among the avantgarde metal scene should be. Age of Silence has fashioned a place for themselves; while not wholly unique, their sound is a springboard for which elements of thrash, atmosphere and progressive metal can soar to exceptional heights.

While _Complications - Trilogy of Intricacy_ is appropriate in length for an EP, it leaves you craving more; quite possibly by design. That being the case, this three track tease is nearly unbearable and waiting some additional time for a full-length follow-up to 2004's _Acceleration_ might have been preferable. "The Idea of Independence and the Reason Why It's Austere", "Mr. M, Man of Muzak" and "Vouchers, Coupons, and the End of the Shopping Session" complete the sum total of the tracks on _C-ToI_, comprising just over sixteen minutes of a study in humanity's complexity seeking insight into the meaning of existence. I got that partially from the band's website; this super-group is a horde of really abstract deep thinkers. Super-group? Absolutely! Age of Silence members may also be found listed among the ranks of bands like Tulus (yes!), By Pale Light, Solefald, Borknagar, Khold, Mayhem, Acturus and Winds. Enough for ya? Other than the brevity of this release, there exist few manifestations appearing between AoS and total ethereal ascendancy in this scene. The next full-length most certainly should provide a suitable atmosphere for this band to explore uncharted depths of their abilities; until that objective is realized, getting by on the elaborate concepts of _C-ToI_ is a responsibility we can all accept willingly.


(article published 15/11/2005)

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