Kayser - _Kaiserhof_
(Scarlet Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
This Swedish four-piece has truly got something going here. Let me explain. This mishmash cacophony of the metal society's underbelly combines the talents of Christian Sjostrand, also known as Spice, (ex-Spiritual Beggars), Mattias Svensson (The Defaced), Bob Ruben (ex-The Mushroom River Band) and Fredrick Finnander (ex-old Aeon and The Mushroom River Band). The subsequent fruit of their labours is phenomenally recorded and has a top-notch sound. Struggling for some similarities, Kayser would put a listener in mind of a crisper Witchery / Grip Inc / At the Gates amalgamation. Spice's violent, but clean vocal approach is indelible and extremely fitting for Kayser's passionately choppy aggression. Ten tracks of well-laced speed and groove coming in at just over thirty-six minutes is an absorbing introduction to this outfit's accomplished ability. Blasting off the mark with "1919", Kayser throws down the gauntlet plowing out cutting riffs enough to make Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman take note; when you make it to the next cut from _Kaiserhof_, you'll be hooked as the choppiness will ensnare you without prejudice. "Good Citizen" is an incredible track, highlighted with a brilliant video on Kayser's website -- well worth your time to check it out. _Kaiserhof_ is spending a lot of quality time in my JVC player, and if the current trend continues, this killer debut is poised to make the Top 10 of 2005. A damn fine effort, gentlemen!

Contact: http://www.kayser1.com

(article published 15/11/2005)

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