Graupel - _Auf Alten Wegen..._
(Cold Dimensions, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6.5 out of 10)
Armed only with an apparent conviction that metal should be about good riffs rather than technical, dramatic or atmospheric embellishments, in a way Graupel hearken back to times of old like the album title might indicate. (Either that or the automatic translation tool I chose let me down.) Indeed, on _Auf Alten Wegen..._ they are able to capture some of the spontaneity, simplicity and effectiveness of times before raw production jobs were just another trend. The feeling is clearly there on tracks like "Requies Filii", for instance: a straightforward and mostly mid-paced song that shines simply because it comes across as quite inspired. It is actually often the faster sections that I tend to find less interesting -- which is not to say they are mediocre or that there aren't a few exceptions, but there are times when I wish this were an EP that contained only the best bits instead of being a full-length record. With its relatively rough, somewhat tinny production and lack of distinguishing traits, _Auf Alten Wegen..._ is unlikely to turn many heads; yet those who find time to investigate may well find some surprising rewards inside.


(article published 11/11/2005)

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