Nuclear Assault - _Third World Genocide_
(SPV / Steamhammer, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (5.5 out of 10)
Other than possibly the newest incarnation of Vio-lence, Nuclear Assault provides top shelf "reunion" fodder for the even the most defiant retro disciples in our midst. With the return of Danny "I'm involved with more bands than you can count" Lilker, _Third World Genocide_ fashioned all the buzz among bands, fans, and 'zines alike. Heavily enveloped in the '80s thrash the band was spawned from, _TWG_ is but a simple pot-shot in that general direction. A mere shell of former greats like _Survive_, _Game Over_ and, to a lesser extent, _Handle With Care_, this album would comprise a thrashier, more infectious adaptation of a modern day _Out of Order_; even _Something Wicked_ had its (irregular) moments.

Again with Eric Burke (Lethargy) on guitar, along side the original trio (John Connelly, Danny and Glenn Evans), the only glimpse we have on _TWG_ of Anthony Bramante comes as a special appearance on the last track, song thirteen, "Glenn's Song", appropriately enough for this album. The pedestrian, half-assed attempts to invoke the memorably crass classics like "You Figure It Out" or even "Got Another Quarter", "Whine and Cheese" and the ghastly unfunny "Long Haired Asshole" are a far cry from their former distant second cousins three times removed.

Nuclear Assault is an energetically fire-brand of a live foursome, and _Third World Genocide_ could do with a dose of that dynamism; tough to capture that kind of vitality on a record though. If you are a fan, as I am still proud to characterize myself, _TWG_ will be received in a generally positive manner by your collection. The vivacious thrash is still apparent, but the NUKE in Nuclear Assault lost its way onto this effort. Put it this way, if they play live anywhere near ya, SEE THEM. If this is the release you are purchasing to familiarize yourself with NA, think about calling it _Game Over_!


(article published 7/11/2005)

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