Clawfinger - _Hate Yourself With Style_
(Nuclear Blast, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (4 out of 10)
A show of hands: who felt that the world needed another Clawfinger record? Thought so. They may have been kicking around before the likes of Limp Bizkit cast their rap rock blight on the world, but Clawfinger have never been more than a second-rate interstitial between Rage Against the Machine and the nu metal generation. With those days thankfully confined to the bleaker nether-regions of heavy music's colourful history, Clawfinger now seem even less relevant. Continuing on from 2003's _Zeroes & Heroes_, _Hate Yourself With Style_ is awash throughout with monotone riffing and dissonant vocals that officially sounded dated a decade ago. Toss an overwhelming amount of social grandstanding into the mix -- the band sanctimoniously harping on about everything from homophobia to sexual discrimination and religious zealotry -- and even the attempts to mix up their staid formula with old school punk on the title track fail dismally to resurrect this train wreck.


(article published 17/10/2005)

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