Chasing Victory - _I Call This Abandonment_
(MonoVs Stereo, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (7 out of 10)
This up-and-coming five-piece Georgia hardcore outfit has really made a name for themselves in their relatively short career as a band to this point. The energy expended on the new effort, _I Call This Abandonment_, is an exercise in emotion-filled sonic delivery with a smoother, less radical, Samhain-like edge. This full-length eleven song album totals nearly forty minutes in duration, and follows closely on the heels of Chasing Victory's debut‚ a five-track EP titled _A Not So Tragic Cover-Up_. There is an evident development in maturity, incorporating more meaty riffs and chunky passages. Adam Harrell's vocal delivery is forceful, heavily strained at times, mixing agreeably with more cleanly sung elements throughout the effort. Some prominent standouts include "The Night Your Guardian Fell Asleep", "The Killer Is Me (This Could Be)" and the beat-heavy, more richly melodious "Speak Easy". If Chasing Victory continues to embrace and develop their obvious strengths and subdues an internal pressure to pump-out material in the absence of feel and experience, there are huge things on the horizon for these gentlemen and everyone will have Georgia on their mind.


(article published 12/9/2005)

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