Wetwork - _Synod_
(Krankenhaus Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
This Canadian four-piece showed up totally out of the blue. Obviously there's been limited press for Wetwork up to this point, but that'll be short lived for certain -- it's difficult to keep something as sleekly aggressive and punishing out of the limelight for very long. Wetwork resides on a reasonably obscure label, Krankenhouse Records. Again, this too will change -- there is little doubt.

Very tightly organized and executed, Wetwork's material is technical and highly pummeling. Stringently sanitized, the delivery of all nine tracks is edgy and tense. The four members of the band are adept students of their chosen craft, and this truism is reinforced time and time again throughout the nearly forty minutes the album offers.

Fronted by Kristen "Doc" Parker, a psych student at Trent U., her concise communication of Wetwork's message is unblemished. Raspy and throaty, Doc's vocals sound like Dawn Crosby from Fear of God with a tracheal infection. The extravagantly overstated anti-Christian doctrine within the larger Wetwork consciousness is pasty and tedious on a good day, but the musicianship more than makes up for this deficiency.

Bryan Mallon's mechanical precision on the guitar augments _Synod_'s complicated relentlessness while maintaining the very essence of death metal antagonism. Chris Mezzbotta's drum skills, while played with an out-of-the-box mentality, are exceedingly complementary to Wetwork's overall framework; strange how things like that work. Chay McMullen (Fear Disorder, Infernal Majesty) delivers his bass expertise through understated but memorable low-end rhythmic deconstruction.

Everything on the table, Wetwork has the whole package wrapped up with a bow and just a bit more. The highest compliment for _Synod_ is incontrovertibly track six, "Nature of Repention". If there were more songs like this magnum opus, this release would incontrovertibly be in the running for album of the year. A song that needs to be experienced more than heard; absolutely impeccable texture. That, if for no other reason, is more than a viable excuse to check out _Synod_.

Contact: http://www.wetwork.ca

(article published 25/8/2005)

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