Eljudner - _Daudingekvider_
(Northern Silence Productions, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
At nearly half an hour in length, this EP by Eljudner contains enough material to justify its existence as the starting point for these Norwegians' career. Described as Viking metal, Eljudner's music does indeed capture the kind of melodies usually associated with the genre, both guitar-wise and in their occasional use of clean chants. They follow a more stripped-down, guitar-based approach in contrast with the more bombastic, keyboard-laden Viking metal bands, and this option works very well for them. Eljudner tend to retain a pensive mood for the most part, but the MCD is not without its odd blastbeat, which is made more effective by the sparsity of its utilization. The music isn't usually terribly busy or complex; the band succeed in stringing a few good passages together on some occasions, although at times they can fall into some less remarkable sequences as well. While not brimming with originality, _Daudingekvider_ has enough character and mood to keep me interested and looking forward to a full-length album.

Contact: http://www.northern-silence.de

(article published 24/8/2005)

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