Peccatum - _The Moribund People_
(The End Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
Ever the high-brow, ambient and experimental outfit, Peccatum has returned with a three song, fifteen minute EP. Complete on this effort is a tastefully produced title track video. Forging onward as a two-piece, Peccatum, persistent in their efforts, stopping short of even attempting to cover the blatant trail to their emboldened avant-garde musical techniques of the past. Less slippery and more solid in form and style than Ulver, for instance, Peccatum is every bit as difficult to categorize -- for that they are to be commended. Their previous record, _Lost in Reverie_, enjoys a more augmented, sharpened edge to the metal passages and cuts across more genres, where _The Moribund People_ is less developed due to the duration to which it is confined as an EP. Ihsahn's (ex-Emperor) serpentine vocals flow ever so slippery throughout each track, punctuating in a prominent way the ominous atmosphere put forth by his wife, Ihriel (Star of Ash). The more blackened work on "A Penny's Worth of Heart" is clearly the standout on the EP; however, Peccatum opted to include a Bathory tack as the final song on the disc, with the uncompromising "For All Those Who Died" being given new life in Peccatum fashion. Ihriel and Ihsahn have found a home at The End Records; this is a fitting destination for what everyone hopes will spawn a multitude of their dissonantly dark symphonic musical escapades.


(article published 22/8/2005)

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