Anubis Rising - _Funerary Preamble_
(Uncouth Industries, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (3.5 out of 10)
Ever have one of those releases that you know you'll probably never listen to much, but wouldn't part with if asked? _Funerary Preamble_ is the consummate example of that feeling. Other than the severe identity crisis Anubis Rising suffers from, the lack of cohesive structure makes this LA based outfit more like an enigma wrapped in a riddle than an extreme band. Lightly crafted, easy-flowing channels weasel into more bizarre, incoherent metallic barrages all throughout this CD's more than seventy-five minute duration. Overt black metal stylings dance intermittently within _Funerary Preamble_ as well, but Anubis Rising's proclivity for creating an atmosphere could remind a listener of a garage band version of Neurosis without much imagination required. Broken into three sections on this release, AR puts forth the first four tracks from the _FR_ EP, the next three from _Scales of Truth_ and songs eight through ten taken from the Anubis Rising / Uphill Battle split disc on Loudnet Records. Anubis Rising included Eyehategod's unreleased cut as track eleven from this Louisiana horde; not earth-shattering, but never really having been at all enthusiastic about Eyehategod, I still found it possibly a touch more interesting that what could be found as AR's original material. A few lines from "Extiguishing (sic) Fire in Its Season" gives you some concept of what general premise AR operates under:

"Reflections of redundancy and failure Piss colored teeth rotten to the nerves Thriving on banalities dying with shit in youre (sic) mouth"

These guys are nothing if not irregular, inconsistent, and quite obviously vivid. Broadly speaking, _Funerary Preamble_ is not for the casual metal fan.


(article published 22/8/2005)

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