Marc Rizzo - _Colossalmyopia_
(Mascot Records, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (8 out of 10)
It's not every day that an instrumental record manages to leave an impression that lasts longer than five minutes and doesn't entail hushed mutterings of the word "bullshit". Every once in a while though, a musician (or group, in the case of Philadelphia's Dysrhythmia) succeeds in creating something truly memorable; an instrumental record where the instruments are utilized and shown off to their best potential, rather than felated for the sake of placating a dangerously oversized ego. _Colossalmyopia_ is certainly such a record, and almost shockingly is the work of Soulfly's current axe-slinger. A measured blend of pounding, heavy riffs and lush flamenco guitar, _Colossalmyopia_ is about as far removed from Rizzo's day job as you could possibly imagine, showing off a depth of song writing and technical skill that you'd never think possible if you were to use the aforementioned band's recent effort as a paradigm. What's even more impressive is Rizzo's sound understanding of dynamics; he lets rip when the song calls for it ("S.P.Q.R.") and he tones it down to a subtle ambience on other occasions ("Synapse"), all the while making you want to hear more. The exact opposite of his boss's recent output, in other words.


(article published 12/8/2005)

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