Ram-Zet - _Intra_
(Tabu Records, 2005)
by: Xander Hoose (9 out of 10)
Those who have had the pleasure of listening to a Ram-Zet album before know what I am talking about when I say this band is unique in sound and approach. Take part black metal, part industrial and mix in the drama of Theatre of Tragedy, and it will still sound different from what you expect this mix to sound. While on paper this weird combination might be a sure way to success, the reality is that Ram-Zet isn't without flaws. For instance, vocalist Zet's unusual vocals will not appeal to everyone; his raspy singing keeps it somewhere in-between black metal and Skrew, occasionally put through distortion. The lighter side of the vocals comes in the form of a female vocalist, but one that has too plain a voice to pack a soothing punch. The music itself consists of a myriad ideas thrown together in rapid succession. While this will satisfy impatient listeners that are unwilling to listen to repetitious five-plus minute songs, it will definitely scare away those who expect careful building of structure and atmosphere. Thankfully, _Intra_ is less chaotic and more solid than predecessor _Escape_. Another reason why _Intra_ seems to deliver more than _Escape_ is the skillful production courtesy of Daniel Bergstrand. In the end, that is what really saves the album and turns it into a richly layered piece of ingenuity instead of a failed experiment in blending styles.

Contact: http://www.ram-zet.com

(article published 29/6/2005)

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