I'M'L - _Instigating The Mean And Loud_
(DeRock Records, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Surfacing from one of the only 'metal' hot spots in Canada, the city of Montreal, comes I'M'L, a powerhouse quartet who live and breath the somewhat long forgotten style of metal i.e. Slayer, Anthrax and Kiss. Listen to the band's debut album, _Instigating The Mean And Loud_, and you will hear hard-driven melodic numbers, the crunch of ferocious riffs and slamming of the drums - all played with the utmost enthusiasm and passion. As if drawn from their influences, the band's music style ranges from Slayer-like numbers to the stomp and groove stylings of Anthrax, with lead screamer Dan sounding very similar to Anthrax's singer John Bush most of the time. I really liked the way this album's eleven tracks seem to work off each other and their specific love and feel for old school metal. Also evident is the fact that the band never tries to play music that is different from what they desire to play. In other words: straight forward metal with no need to experiment. The album's loudness, well-crafted songs and honesty are some of the more positive selling points of _ItMaL_ and I suggest anyone who likes those selling points to search out and find this record.

(article published 16/3/1997)

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