Wrath - _Bloodstorm_
(Einheit Produktionen, 2005)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
It takes but a few seconds to realise that Nazgul (directing mind of Wrath) is highly influenced by a certain Varg Vikernes. Although Wrath is not as blatant in their emulation of Burzum as some other bands, the similarities are pretty obvious -- most notably in the vocals, which bear a strong similarity to Varg's idiosyncratic shrieks, and the droning guitar. Apart from the parallels with Burzum, the major flaw in this EP is the incongruence between the three songs. The first (and best) song, "A Memory in the Darkness", occupies a somewhat anomalous position in that it is longer than the two remaining songs combined, despite being little more than a glorified intro. While the EP opener is a predominantly droning and, for the first half, eerily atmospheric piece, the other songs are quick bursts of hateful black metal.

The production is what would be expected for music of this type: poor, bass barely discernible for the most part, but retaining sufficient clarity so that it can be appreciated without losing any atmosphere. Although a drum machine is used, its careful application ensures that its inevitable negative impact upon the music is negligible -- but I would still prefer the use of real drums.

In short, the Burzum influences are overwhelming, and this impacts drastically on the calibre of the music. Given that Wrath is still in its embryonic stages (this is his second EP) such tendencies are not necessary fatal, and provided Wrath's voice is heard, the planned full-length may well be worth purchasing.

This EP will be released by Einheit Produktionen. For now it can be downloaded in its entirety and free of charge from the address provided below.

Contact: http://www.freewebs.com/pagansoul/mainpage.htm

(article published 3/6/2005)

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