Raging Speedhorn - _How the Great Have Fallen_
(SPV, 2005)
by: Xander Hoose (8 out of 10)
I know that I should leave a review of Raging Speedhorn to a true Brit. However, having had the pleasure of hearing _How the Great Have Fallen_ a few times, I just can't resist writing down my take on Raging Speedhorn's third album. I know that our UK colleague Paul Schwarz reviewed their self-titled debut album and gave it a respectable 8.5. I can't agree more with his decision, but I also have to admit that _HtGHF_ doesn't live up to the expectations raised by their previous two albums. Mainly it's because the production is -too- sludgy. I don't have a problem with a dirty production, but my first impression on _HtGHF_ was that I was listening to a live album. Another slight disappointment was that I had expected Raging Speedhorn to have developed and matured more. Sure, there are plenty of treats for us: the slow feedback part on "A Different Shade of Shit", the harmonic background vocals on "Oh How the Great Have Fallen", the intro to "How Much Can a Man Take"... _HtGHF_ is a good album, but in a league where you have to compete with Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard and Eyehategod, you have to be more than good; you have to be fucking brilliant. And somewhere, somehow, I just know that these guys have the ability to become brilliant. So please, guys, if you're reading this: improve the mix, give it just that little extra next time around, and you'll make it into my top ten list.

Contact: http://www.ragingspeedhorn.co.uk

(article published 13/5/2005)

8/12/2000 P Schwarz 8.5 Raging Speedhorn - Raging Speedhorn
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