Koldborn - _The Devil of All Deals_
(Ancient Darkness, 2005)
by: Xander Hoose (7.5 out of 10)
If you love Vader and Behemoth, you'll like Koldborn. That's not just what the label wants you to believe -- they might actually be right. It is not often that a non-Polish band manages to capture the energetic death metal sound that is found in that Eastern European country. Koldborn manages to do so quite well, from the pounding drums to the intelligible grunt/screams and the heavy riffing. Those of you familiar enough with the Danish scene might recognize the name of vocalist Lars-Bjorn Hansen from his previous band, Deadly Sins. This _The Devil of All Deals_ MCD only contains five tracks, and in a way, I'm glad it does: although Koldborn have adopted Vader's musical style, they're not quite up to par on originality. "Hand-Held Hate" in particular lacks a certain enthusiasm, which is made up for by the excellent downtempo "The Devil of All Deals". I'm not sure I would have rated this album higher if it would have ran a few songs longer. Then again, the five songs on this album (under 20 minutes in total) are exactly the right fix. If you're a Vader buff, then check out Koldborn; you might find this a very good filler until the new Vader album arrives.

Contact: http://www.koldborn.dk

(article published 28/4/2005)

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