Arise - _The Beautiful New World_
(Spikefarm Records, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (5 out of 10)
"The whole record packs the bite of a starving shark, hits like Mike Tyson on cheap trucker crank", reads the accompanying bio to the third chapter in the Arise discography. Well, seeing as how Mike Tyson did get his ass handed to him in his last few bouts, I suppose they do have a point. _The Beautiful New World_ very rarely amounts to anything more than a custom-made cash-in. It follows the melodic death metal modus operandi of bands like In Flames to the letter, replete with the usual bog-standard twin-guitar melodies and the saccharine-laden, radio-friendly choruses. While the frankly concerning popularity of this style might make _The Beautiful New World_ essential listening for a good number of people based exactly on those very criticisms, I personally see absolutely no point in spending any amount of my time on yet another paltry Xerox of At the Gates.


(article published 19/4/2005)

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