Methadrone - _Retrogression_
(Nothingness Records, 2005)
by: T. DePalma (7.5 out of 10)
_Retrogression_ begins in a fluorescent stream of bass guitar notes winding 'round, as if traveling through a tunnel (needle?) that forms a conceptual base as this album's reoccurring point of melody. Thirty minutes of flowing in and out of consciousness, Methadrone's second offering is a trim, well planned album that runs almost without break.

Several changes are in place. Immediately noticeable is the improvement on the production; things sound more natural this time around and the distortion is less saturated, but this is only the peripheral layer. The most glaring change is the complete omission of vocals from the recording. This goes a long way in creating a more ambient, subconscious vibe to the music itself, which has also undergone a slight revamp. In adding a lead guitar to the formula, _Retrogression_ reveals more depth and complexity in composition as the basses writhe in counterpoint rhythms aside the six-string hazy pitched leads. The drum machine is still in effect as both a calm focal point as well as catalyst in the surrounding plunges.

From the very onset this album leaves one natant in brew of ethereal bliss and electric roadhouse rhythms. Completing its cycle, _Retrogression_ ends much like it begins, and beckons you to ride again through a conduit of dissonant abuse all the way to silence.


(article published 19/4/2005)

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