Thine Eyes Bleed - _In the Wake of Separation_
(The End Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (4 out of 10)
Searching for their stride in a congested metalcore field, this Canadian metal outfit has found their way -- for one reason or another -- onto one of the genre's more prominent labels: The End Records. Working the underground like a ten dollar hooker for a little more than a while now, Thine Eyes Bleed has given their all for the cause on this nine track initial offering. Was it enough? Well, maybe... Like I said, TEB are in the process of finding their stride. Like Grip, Inc.'s label throwing around Dave Lombardo's name like John Kerry insults at a NRA rally -- I detest the whole "who's (related) to who" in the "biz". Does anyone care Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are sisters? Maybe about as much as I care that Johnny, TEB's bassist, is Tom Araya's brother; I did note on the CD inlay that bass on this album was performed by Luke Husband (Acacia), however. Everyone makes it on their own despite bloodline -- just ask LaToya Jackson. It all amounts to PR fodder as far as I am concerned.

The fact remains throughout the just over thirty-six minute running time, _In the Wake of Separation_ failed to convince me of any prospect of repeated spins. Truth be told, that may change. For now, however, the poundingly heavy riffs and all-but-extinct guitar solos, like can be found on "Consequence Unknown", go the distance for Thine Eyes Bleed, there is scarcely anything here that could be dubbed is captivating much less "infectious". The nine tracks of Carcass's _Heartwork_-era material found on _In the Wake of Separation_ indicates future potential for sure, this particular effort is majorly minor league.


(article published 7/4/2005)

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