Urgehal - _Through Thick Fog Till Death_
(Southern Lord , 2005)
by: T. DePalma (3 out of 10)
Though this band's imagery and lyrics make them something of a joke, and their mundane, Norsecore style has been accomplished with less masquerade by Marduk and with greater imagination by Watain, they continue to produce albums with select couplings of tracks that appear solid, but show a lack of development.

A cold, iron production highlights the tight performance of each track; technically marred only by the "pit-pit-pit-pit-pit" of the bass drum, the music is proficient but ultimately plasma-less. Lengthy, saturnine tracks like "Invasion" and "Raise the Symbols of Satan" make even the first half of this album seem oppressively long and retread; there is really nothing here that Urgehal hasn't been doing since _Arma Christi_ and it bears mentioning that consistency need not mean cannibalism.

Originally released in 2003, Southern Lord Records has taken up the task of re-releasing this album for wider distribution.

Contact: http://www.fleshforbeast.net/urg.htm

(article published 7/4/2005)

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