Himinbjorg - _Europa_
(Adipocere, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
Quite possibly France's most widely known Pagan (and, erm, Viking) metal export, Himinbjorg are back with _Europa_, the follow-up to 2003's _Haunted Shores_. Compared to past efforts, keyboards are conspicuous for their absence, as the band continues to tread a somewhat more aggressive path than before -- a process that had already begun with _Haunted Shores_. In addition to a number of musical approaches, with varying ties to black metal, Himinbjorg use several vocal styles: basic black metal rasps, a style that might be likened to Attila's vocals on Mayhem's _De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas_ but fails to have any positive effect on the music, occasional grunts and some mediocre clean singing. The production is on the weaker side of average, and while it does not harm the album, it fails to boost its impact. _Europa_ is one of those forgettable albums that is neither in any way terrible nor engaging; it presents no real improvement compared to its predecessor, instead coming across as lacking in inspiration and energy. Himinbjorg have shown in the past that they can do better than this, so perhaps their next release will mark a return to form.

Contact: http://www.himinbjorg.fr.st

(article published 7/4/2005)

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