Beatrik - _Requiem of December_
(Avantgarde Music, 2005)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6.5 out of 10)
Not content with having already spawned Forgotten Tomb, Italy now presents us with Beatrik -- more utterly miserable black-sounding but often doom-paced metal guaranteed to blot out the sun from the clearest of midday skies. Despite its doom tendencies, _Requiem of December_ also has its fair share of fast-paced sections, but even then the general atmosphere is more akin to doom than black. Desperate shrieking, despondent strings, and a wholly dejected feel constitute the basis of Beatrik's music.

_Requiem of December_ brings to mind late '90s Deinonychus albums, and although it is overall a more accomplished effort than any of them on a musical level, it fails to improve on their formula. The record shows considerable promise in some slower sections, doomy guitar leads and atmospheric passages, but quite a bit of it is just passable and repetitive -- the faster parts in particular need some more work in the future. The production is thin but acceptable, with the vocals a bit too upfront in the mix. _Requiem of December_ is a decent album, and certainly a very reasonable debut, but Beatrik still have some catching up to do before they can reach subgenre leaders like Nortt and Forgotten Tomb.


(article published 7/4/2005)

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