HavocHate - _Cycle of Pain_
(Indecent Media, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
These guys aren't referring to hopping on a Schwinn missing a seat when they titled their newest effort _Cycle of Pain_ -- this album is far more malicious than that. Want another twist? HavocHate is signed to a label, Indecent Media, whose parent company is the dance/pop label Radikal Records. How's that for brazen? You just gotta love this band's edgy philosophy. HavocHate, coming off the powerful release _This Violent Earth_, pounds home another winner with the impressive _Cycle of Pain_. Again, this effort never jeopardizing their mostly traditional "pure metal" style and vocal approach, but seemingly dialing it up yet another notch. No "sophomore curse" here -- this is one helluva fine piece of cranium smashing hellaciousness! Very rhythmic and catchy throughout its forty-four minutes, _CoP_ does everything to cultivate the Pro-Pain / Pantera / Overkill vibe first witnessed on _This Violent Earth_; "Wicked", "Cold Embrace" and "Buried in Lies" offer superior examples of this blend formula and the title track itself demonstrates HavocHate's speed-laced proficiency. Tim Bouchee's vocals and Greg Christian's bass (formerly of Testament) together are reason enough to seek out your own copy of _CoP_, but the interplay between the entire HavocHate line-up makes a stellar case as to why you should pay special attention to where these gentlemen are going with their exceptional brand of musical pandemonium -- and I assure you it won't be on a ten-speed bike... Ever see the cover of Judas Priest's _Painkiller_?

Contact: http://havochate.net

(article published 23/3/2005)

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