Epoch of Unlight - _The Continuum Hypothesis_
(The End Records, 2005)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
Uncompromising is a fundamental principle to this band. It is as essential as the intense, melodic maliciousness they create. Since my first exposure to Epoch of Unlight back in 1997 with my first spin of _Black and Crimson Glory_, I have been dumbstruck time and time again with this band's innate ability to deliver crafty and highly technical tracks of a blackened death variety. _The Continuum Hypothesis_ is no exception. Seemingly _What Will Be Has Been_ and _Caught in the Unlight_ was setting the stage for this newest slab of ferocity. Admittedly, most of EoU's back catalog still occupy a privileged status in my collection, but _TCH_ has potential to ascend.

Eleven tracks make up this newest sonic assault debuting the talents of B.J. Cook. (Some of the CoC readership will recognize that name as one belonging to Fallen Empire's Lord Hellspawn.) What has become a standard, EoU again demonstrates masterful articulation between form and style. The instrumentation folded into the technical interplay between Dr. Tino LoSicco's hellacious drumming, Joe Totty's bass and Josh Braddock's guitar method is utterly, and thankfully, merciless. With all the ability, ingenuity and intellect laid out on _The Continuum Hypothesis_, it becomes increasingly difficult to (despite the album title) even hypothesize what Epoch of Unlight is capable of in the future.

Contact: http://label.theendrecords.com

(article published 23/3/2005)

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