Ywolf - _Dream Warrior_
(Adipocere Records, 2004)
by: David Rocher (1 out of 10)
Ywolf is the awe-inspiring symphonic brainchild of Gabriel Wolf, to whom the humble Metal community also owes the creative synthetic genius displayed in... yes, Finnugor. Ywolf's main influence is undoubtedly the brilliant Summoning; however, none of this Hungarian one-man band's three releases display even a fraction of the genius with which the Austrian act's latest works literally ooze. Indeed, in line with Ywolf's previous efforts _Trilogy of the Night_ and _Night of the Werewolf_, _Dreamwarrior_ is both pompous and boring, and sounds silly and cheap rather than spectacular and enrapturing. Adding insult to injury, _Dreamwarrior_ is capped off by an amusing "industrial mix" of the equally amusing track "Well of the Diamond Sun", courtesy of the possibly notorious Infra Black -- a cheap, pulsating electronic mess which only succeeds in elevating Ywolf's botched third output to new levels of ridicule.

(article published 8/3/2005)

4/16/2003 Q Kalis 7 Ywolf - Trilogy of the Night
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