Berserk - _Return of the Ancient Laws _
(Oaken Shield, 2004)
by: David Rocher (2 out of 10)
Behold Berserk -- Spain's own response to the seemingly infinite contingent of Scandinavian B-grade black metal acts. Consecutive to Berserk's laughable debut _From the Celtiberian Woods_ and its rather-less-than-commendable sequel _Rites of Supremacy_, _Return of the Ancient Laws_ is the "enhanced" re-release of this tedious pagan black metal act's first demo. Featuring four tracks from the _Return of the Ancient Laws_ demo and four bootleg-quality live excerpts, this new release from Oaken Shield serves to provide two fundamental insights into Berserk's career: first, Berserk were musically uninspired right from day one; and second, Berserk were and still are worse live than they are on CD, should you ever have wondered (Nazak's deadpan clean vocals, in particular, provide an unforgettable aural experience). This is definitely a release that I might recommend to Berserk's fans; however, I have yet to obtain undisputable evidence that such strange individuals exist.

(article published 8/3/2005)

3/14/2004 P Azevedo 5 Berserk - Rites of Supremacy
7/3/2002 D Rocher 2 Berserk - From the Celtiberian Woods
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