Overkill - _Relixiv_
(Regain Records, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
Whether your head starts a-rockin' to the sound of New York's Overkill or not, you have to admire their tenacity. Once name-checked in the same hushed tones as the likes of Testament and even Metallica, the band have steadily withered into obscurity, to the point where they're now fourteen albums into a career which arguably very few people actually know or care about. Yet they're still giving it their all, and having recently signed with Regain, are very clearly hoping to inch their way back into the greater heavy metal consciousness. Unfortunately it's highly unlikely that _Relixiv_ will overturn their fortunes much. The opening riff to "Within Your Eyes" may be one for the thrash metal books, and it's hard to fault the conviction with which the band crank out songs like "A Pound of Flesh" and "The Mark". But with a production job that's piss-poor at the best of times, Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth sounding more like a seventh generation Xerox of Paul Baloff than ever before, and a penchant for letting their staunchly old-school compositions run a good two minutes too long, it looks like Overkill may have their work cut out for them if they ever hope to be hoisted back out of this quagmire of nihility.

Contact: http://www.wreckingcrew.com

(article published 8/3/2005)

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