Communic - _Conspiracy in Mind_
(Nuclear Blast, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (6.5 out of 10)
The problem with playing follow-the-leader in the music industry is that no matter how technically skilful you manage to be in assimilating your sources of inspiration, you will inevitably always be compared with the originals -- who are more often than not superior. So even though this clearly talented Norwegian trio would go far to convince you that they're performing a unique progressive blend of power and thrash metal, _Conspiracy in Mind_ rarely amounts to anything more than a lengthy remodeling of ideas that the likes of Nevermore and Psychotic Waltz discarded years ago. That said, it's hard to discount the appeal of a track like "Communication Sublime". Indeed only a complete ignoramus would take away from Communic the fact that they're highly adept at playing their instruments and that they undoubtedly hold the potential to create great things one day. But it's clear from tracks like "History Reversed" and the ubiquitous title track that _Conspiracy in Mind_ might have been infinitely better had the band spent less time paying tribute to _Dead Heart in a Dead World_ and _Into the Everflow_.


(article published 20/1/2005)

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