Warloghe - _Womb of Pestilence_
(Illuminating Void, 2004)
by: Matthias Noll (6 out of 10)
Finland's Warloghe finally confirm my suspicion that they would not be able to create a worthy successor to the masterpiece that was _The First Possession_. _Womb of Pestilence_ sounds totally necro (think Mütiilation's _Vampires of Black Imperial Blood_), but in comparison to the previous Warloghe full-length it seems muffled and much less ripping. In addition, after the first two songs the album abruptly looses steam and continues mostly in a plodding and dull fashion until the end.

Of the many Finnish raw black metal bands, Warloghe might be the one that has the strongest Black Legions vibe in their music, and this is even more prevalent on _WoP_ than before. The far more aggressive mood of _TFP_ has changed to one of desperation, isolation and solitude. There is an extensive usage of oscillating disharmonies and a guitar tone similar (if not identical) to the one on Mütiilation tracks like "Magical Shadows of a Tragical Past". But instead of adding atmosphere or creating an eerie and desperate vibe, this makes portions of _WoP_ sound painfully wrong and sometimes amateurishly out-of-tune to my ears.

The first two tracks are alright, but from then on the music appears to be emotionally shallow and superficial underneath the grim sonic surface. Of course this is much better than, for example, the latest Ulfsdalir and countless other black metal bottom dwellers, and mainly those worshipping the Black Legions might be pleased with this record, but it leaves me underwhelmed.

(article published 31/12/2004)

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