Ulfsdalir - _Christenhass_
(Christhunt Productions, 2004)
by: Matthias Noll (4 out of 10)
After the debut album _Grimnir_, Ulfsdalir appeared to be one of most promising acts emerging from the German black metal underground. _Christenhass_ ("hate for Christians") radically shatters all delusions and hopes one might have had for this one man project. On _Grimnir_, Ulfsdalir excelled during long and atmospheric compositions. _Christenhass_, on the other hand, consists exclusively of shorter tracks that offer nothing but by-the-numbers raw black metal, chock-full of borrowed riffs, boring songs and involuntarily provides a perfect example for all those who claim that the whole genre is oversaturated and near its demise -- if not long dead and buried.

(article published 31/12/2004)

8/10/2003 M Noll 8 Ulfsdalir - Grimnir
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