Exmortem - _Nihilistic Contentment_
(Earache / Wicked World, 2005)
by: Jackie Smit (7 out of 10)
You'd be forgiven for thinking that this Danish trio had disappeared off the face of the planet, particularly when you consider that their last truly noteworthy release saw the light of day back in 1995, when they unleashed their debut effort _Labyrinths of Horror_. The fact of the matter is that Exmortem, like many of their peers at the moment, were one of those bands who from the start seemed to do everything right: they had the buzz-saw riffs, the superhuman technical skills, the thudding production... but for whatever reason, they seemed to lack that crucial component that taps into the listener's psyche and makes him or her utter a hearty "Fuck yes!" at the sound of their music.

Nearly ten years on, and _Nihilistic Contentment_ proves that the status quo is still very much alive in the Exmortem camp. Produced by the Neil Kernon of 2004, Tue Madsen, the opening salvo of "Flesh Havoc" and "Bitter Discipline" does well to suggest that the move from Osmose to the ever-growing roster over at Earache has ignited the unholy fires of creativity in these guys -- but four or five songs in it starts becoming very apparent that Exmortem are for all intents and purposes in the same boat as a band like Insision: good, at times even great death metal that will most likely never again feel the heat of a CD laser after a month of semi-regular play.

Contact: http://www.exmortem.com

(article published 31/12/2004)

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