Neurosis - _The Eye of Every Storm_
(Relapse Records, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (9.5 out of 10)
Considering that Neurosis have carved out their daunting legacy through an uncanny ability to confound and stump even the most jaded listener with every successive release, it's almost a moot exercise to attempt an analysis of the merits and potential failures found on _The Eye of Every Storm_. Indeed, the question could be posed that if one were to ever attempt such an assessment, where would it even begin? Would one discuss the almost suffocatingly dense atmospheres? Or would you dig deeper into the intricate construction of the searing layers of sound that are etched into songs like "Left to Wander" and "A Season in the Sky"? The truth is that at this point in their career, it would take a full-length musical thesis to truly get to the bottom of just what exactly makes Neurosis the entity that they have become.

It should be clear at this point that like its predecessors, _The Eye of Every Storm_ is an aural journey that reveals more of itself with every successive projection. And for those who have followed the band across their career, it will become apparent very early on that it is the logical step onward from _A Sun That Never Sets_, in the way that it contrasts almost perfectly against the nervous, angry energy of that record with a bleak, depressive outlook that typifies the veritable calm after the storm. As such, its muted production and relative lack of bombast reflects this, ultimately rendering the album more accessible by its very nature, rather than its design.

But the beauty of Neurosis is that, perhaps more than ever, the music mirrors the lyrical content in its ability to be interpreted in different ways. It is an unbridled outpouring of emotions to be sure -- one that, as hackneyed as it may sound, transcends any definable boundaries. And in that sense, if ever there were a band that could rightfully refer to their music as art, Neurosis is it.


(article published 13/12/2004)

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