Impaled Nazarene - _All That You Fear_
(Osmose, 2004)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
Despite its lowly status as a cliché, there is some value in that hoary old chestnut, "Better late than never", as we simply couldn't allow an album of this status to simply drift by. Due to the year-long gap between its release date and its appearance in these pages, I've had the opportunity to read a number of reviews of this CD, which have generally been lukewarm, especially in comparison to the rapturous praise heaped upon its predecessor, the excellent _Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace_. While I share the consensus view that it is not as good as _AoWDNMP_, I dissent when it comes to the quality of the music: this is still far from their worst work to date. (To put this in perspective, if I had to rank Impaled Nazarene’s eight full lengths in descending order of quality, this would be number five, ahead of _Nihil_ but behind _Ugra Karma_.) Impaled Nazarene have not changed much and _ATYF_ operates within the broad melodic framework established by its predecessor, but lacks the instant catchiness, needing more listens to appreciate properly. The level of intensity has supposedly been raised and there are more fast paced "Humble Fuck of Death" moments. Ultimately, if you enjoyed _AoWDNMP_ you will enjoy this -- just not as much.

(article published 13/12/2004)

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