Void of Silence - _Human Antithesis_
(Code666, 2004)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8.5 out of 10)
My interest was most certainly piqued when I heard that Primordial vocalist Alan Nemtheanga would be teaming up with Italian apocalyptic doomsters Void of Silence for the follow-up to _Criteria ov 666_. It was therefore with high hopes that I first spun _Human Antithesis_, and the opening spoken lyrics seemed to confirm there was much in common between Nemtheanga and VoS: "This is where the dream ends / Where the soul of every man and woman is broken / Where you carry your crippled children in hope of salvation / And you will lay them down to die, for salvation does not come / And the worth you have placed upon your life is finally revealed as nothing".

One cannot fault Nemtheanga for lack of effort, in the sense that his performance is up to par with what he's done with Primordial. However the music itself is quite different, much slower and full of various elements creeping in and out of the soundscape. Most of the time his vocals are still well suited to what is going on in the music (which is the case throughout the excellent twenty minute title track, for instance), but on a couple of occasions he oversings some passages in a way that would have sounded more appropriate on a Primordial album. Still, his mixture of solemn, morose and wrathful vocals remains as talented as anyone who likes Primordial would expect. It is therefore one of the strongest elements in _Human Antithesis_, and a definite improvement over the vocals on the last album.

Meanwhile, Void of Silence continue to prove adept at creating very good apocalyptic doom, with plenty of subtle ambient touches and well incorporated keyboards. There is a great concern with ambient elements that is prevalent throughout the record; it is something the band do very well, and it helps elevate the album further away from anonimity. The interludes linking the main songs provide the most evident examples of this penchant, but VoS do not stop there, and it gives the album a more cohesive feeling. There is a great solemnity and desolation in their sound, a kind of decayed grandeur.

Sometimes one gets the feeling that this hour-long album could have been a few minutes shorter, that some less inspired bits might have been condensed or left out for the benefit of the rest; but _Human Antithesis_ still plays very well, and firmly places Void of Silence among the best of 2004's doom metal.

Contact: http://www.voidofsilence.com

(article published 29/11/2004)

7/3/2002 P Azevedo 8.5 Void of Silence - Criteria ov 666
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