8th Sin - _Sinners Inc._
(Black Lodge, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (3 out of 10)
There has to be some sort of explanation for why so many one-time stalwarts in black metal have cast off their bullet-belts and spiked wrist-bands in favour of effeminate make-up and bondage wear. Dimmu Borgir's Nagash was one of the first to lead the contrived exodus with The Kovenant, and more recently members of Swordmaster and Dissection joined eyelined forces in the Deathstars. Problem is that however infrequently, these aforementioned acts do actually have their moments. 8th Sin, on the other hand, does not. In fact, _Sinners Inc._ is at best execrable, and at worst a lesson in sonic torture the likes of which would have the current United States governmental administration crying pre-emptive strike. Most shockingly, this atrocity is the work of one-time black metal bad boy It. Notwithstanding the fact that the erstwhile voice of such anti-social denizens as Abruptum and Ophthalamia has neither the capacity nor the sheer soaring ability to pull this style off at any point during the record, _Sinners Inc._ runs the gamut of damn near every cliché in the gothic rock handbook, and does so to such an unpalatable and tawdry extent that it could potentially serve to lend the final dash of brevity to the claim that It may be one of the most twisted, scary individuals to enter the music industry.

Contact: http://www.8thsin.biz

(article published 29/11/2004)

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