Pig Destroyer - _Terrifyer_
(Relapse Records, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (9 out of 10)
With the exception of Inhumate's thematic effort (_Life_) and the forthcoming Nasum opus, things have been pretty reticent on the grindcore front this year -- at least in terms of releases that were actually worth more than five minutes of anyone's time. So leave it to Virginia's favorite nihilistic sons to come along with thirty minutes of barb-wired brutality to remind everyone that they're the proverbial pit bulls of the extreme music yard. _Terrifyer_ isn't pretty. In fact, one a scale of one to ten -- ten being Jenna Jameson and one being Linda Blair in the finale of The Exorcist -- this record notches up a solid minus fifty. From start to finish, the band are utterly relentless in their assault, although it must be said that unlike _Prowler in the Yard_, the band do seem set on combining their increased brutality with a more visceral and coherent approach to song structure. So, where "Towering Flesh" swirls toward you with enough vitriol to power a small town, it also sports the beatdowns and grooves sure to result in more than a few bloodied noses, come tour-time. Reputed to be over two years in the making, _Terrifyer_ is about as good as grindcore gets. It won't be everyone's flask of rum -- not by a long-shot -- but I can think of no superior example of sheer, unrestrained musical bedlam to have hit the shelves in 2004 so far.

Contact: http://www.pigdestroyer.net

(article published 31/10/2004)

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