Puissance - _Let Us Lead_
(Cold Meat Industries, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Acting as the soundtrack to the awful atrocities of a war and human suffering, Puissance's _Let Us Lead_ is a true testimonial of the frightening world that we live in and the reality that many of us must face on a daily basis. War and suffering are the main focus of _LUL_. Surfacing on the ultra-cool label Cold Meat Industries, Puissance's album is not something that many metal fans might pick up on as it serves more as a tool of understanding rather than a fixed voice and outlet of aggressive and angry music/lyrics. To best describe the music I would classify it as noise/industrial/classic. More symphonic and eerie sounding opposed to brash and lethal injections of riffs and growls, _LUL_ follows a pattern of intensity through mood swings and emotions. My only complaint with _LUL_ is that the album strays too far away from a focused view/direction of music and as well sometimes the long songs seem to lose the listener. Not much to complain about and overall a great listen for those that are into epic song structures and classical music.

(article published 4/2/1997)

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