Bazzah - _Kingdom of the Dead_
(From Beyond Productions, 2004)
by: Xander Hoose (3.5 out of 10)
OK, so I had just finished writing a fairly critical review of AmmiT's latest album and now I get this thrown in front of my feet. Bazzah hails from Malaysia and apparently they don't have a good studio over there, because _Kingdom of the Dead_ suffers from the worst sound quality I have heard in a very long time. If you like your high frequencies, go for this album -- the producer even managed to get the vocals and bass in that range. It changes somewhat for the better after the first half of the album, making me suspect that _Kingdom of the Dead_ actually consists of two albums. Unfortunately there isn't much info in the booklet, and the info that is there is unreadable. Don't bother finding out for yourself: all nineteen songs on this album are based around the same guitar riff and drum pattern, with probably only the vocalist trying something different on each song. The only other band that comes to mind when I listen to this is Enthroned, but even they are way above the level of this crap. Stay clear of this and go for something real.

(article published 31/7/2004)

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