In Grey - _Sulphur Tears_
(Last Entertainment Productions, 2004)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
Separated by only a few days, two discs arrived in my mailbox from previously unsigned bands gathering demos for their inaugural label release: first Aphotic and now In Grey. Much like the Americans, these Swedes have been producing demos for quite a few years, and now seem to have found a light at the end of the unsigned tunnel. Last Entertainment Productions is the label that took responsibility for releasing their latest work _Sulphur Tears_ along with a few tracks taken from previous demos, as In Grey now hope to gain greater visibility in the metal scene.

In Grey haven't changed their style much over the past few years, tweaking rather than reinventing their sound with each successive demo. _Sulphur Tears_ is no exception, in spite of the addition of three new members to the fold. Their gothic metal is at times vaguely reminiscent of present day Katatonia -- though featuring much more of a gothic look and a bouncier kind of sound, far from the bleakness Katatonia can display, sometimes bringing to mind Sentenced instead. Their melodic and chorus-heavy style is repeatedly explored throughout the disc as In Grey try to play to their strengths. While this approach reduces variety, it can also work in the band's favour at this early stage in their career. You can easily pick out a few sticky choruses and riffs from _Sulphur Tears_, and that's a bonus for a band still looking to make a name for themselves. In Grey also include the occasional variation to their chorus-oriented material, which is quite welcome.

_Sulphur Tears_ shows the band is continuing to grow, especially in the guitar department, while the new singer makes a rather indifferent impact in the band's sound. The disc starts somewhat poorly but improves later on, as the band struggles to keep things at a constantly good level. Helped by a decent production, In Grey sound more like a band capable of clinching a label deal than before, and this release could well set them on their way to success. Some more originality and consistency and a less evident desire to make a hit single out of nearly every track would be advisable in the future, but _Sulphur Tears_ should already provide reasonably good entertainment for fans of the genre.


(article published 29/7/2004)

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