Monstrosity - _Millennium_
(Conquest Music, 1996)
by: Adam Wasylyk (7 out of 10)
Tampa's Monstrosity have finally released their long awaited follow-up to _Imperial Doom_. _Millennium_ contains 10 tracks of well-played technical death metal, produced by death metal producer guru Scott Burns, which accounts for the good production. Songs like "Fatal Millennium", "Devious Instinct", "Fragments of Resolution", and "Mirrors of Reason" are good examples of how technical, fast, and heavy Monstrosity can get. This record also features the vox of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher who is now in Cannibal Corpse. One listen to _Millennium_ will convince you that "Corpsegrinder" made a horrible mistake by leaving one of Florida's better death metal bands.

(article published 4/2/1997)

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