Exciter - _New Testament_
(Osmose Productions / The End, 2004)
by: Aaron McKay (5 out of 10)
Getting past the all the images of a Spinal Tap power metal emissary resurgence is a real test for any reviewer. You know what I mean -- Sinner and their ilk have more-or-less (re)warped the power metal scene beyond all recognizable comprehension. So what, right? At least we have Exciter. These speed metal stalwarts from Canada have enough time on the circuit to rename the whole damn scene Exciter Metal. After twenty-five years, the recent _New Testament_ offering may logically be viewed as a "best of" album. What makes that special? The fifteen tracks are re-recorded with the newest ever-evolving Exciter line-up. Most are familiar, at least somewhat, with Exciter. Having forsaken their original moniker, Hell Razor, in favor of the more Judas Priest-esque Exciter name, this late1970s band takes their singing seriously, as would any Halford enthusiast; think "Freewheel Burning" sung with Rob under-the-weather and that's what you butt up against hearing Jacques Belanger's vocal style. This collection of Exciter favs, by my count, makes ten officially released albums. Obviously originality goes bye-byes with a "best of", but the production on _New Testament_ is solid and that winds up being a large plus. The ability (and cojones) to recreate past material is another. Testament did this with _First Strike Still Deadly_. In one reviewer's opinion, that revision by Chuck Billy and the boys sounded more relevant for one reason or another. _New Testament_ incorporates a wide diversity of Exciter's catalog, yet it plays out similar to being ridden hard and put away wet. Much like having Massacre (finally) put down "Corpsegrinder" on _From Beyond_, we can all be grateful for Exciter's willingness to offer this collection on one CD. Reviving "I Am the Beast" and "Blackwitch" make even the most conventional fan wanna "Stand Up and Fight"! The sixty-six minutes this disc spins is a bit too long and runs the risk of sounding rehashed after that length of time. When all is said and done, in spite of this "Brutal Warning", folks, even I have to admit sheepishly that Exciter have kept "Long Live the Loud" close at heart.

Contact: http://www.theendrecords.com

(article published 29/7/2004)

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