Deathspell Omega - _Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice_
(Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2004)
by: Matthias Noll (3 out of 10)
Deathspell Omega's new album seems to split their core audience right through the middle. Some consider this a masterpiece. Others, and unfortunately I do belong to the second category, feel that this is a total disappointment, full of boring, overlong, pretentious and self-indulgent songs that are anything but memorable -- or going anywhere. While DO were always considered generic by some, I've always felt that their riffs and melodies where totally distinctive, unique and instantly recognizable. These trademarks have disappeared almost completely on _Si Momumentum Requires, Circumspice_ and, if I hadn't already known, I would have never, ever been able to recognize the band. The flowing nature of previous DO work has given way to a generally faster, more dissonant and almost hectic approach, which features far more breaks and which, in quite a few places, structurally and rhythmically reminds me of Satyricon on their _Nemesis Divina_ album.

_SMR,C_ is a concept album dealing with "a theological dispute on the divine essence of the Devil, the roles and virtues of faith and the place of man therein" -- and I'm sure a tremendous amount of work has gone into this project. But as interesting as this sounds, I've never managed to spin this album without already getting bored during the third of the thirteen chapters which are obviously necessary to bring the dispute across. From then on, the main impression I get is comparable to being present at a 72 minute lecture which turned out to be pointless and useless right after the introduction. Congrats on the full and powerful sound, but for the rest of the record I have to say that, if this really is the first of three similar 'acts' or albums, then I'm afraid that DO have ceased to exist in my personal black metal world.

(article published 12/7/2004)

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