Cadaver - _Necrosis_
(Candlelight Records, 2004)
by: Jackie Smit (6 out of 10)
That Cadaver appear to have jettisoned the majority of their talent along with their briefly used three letter acronym (the band released their previous record under the moniker of Cadaver Inc, for those that don't know) is all but set in stone from the moment that the ironically titled "Necro as Fuck" gets proceedings off to an underwhelming start. Gone is the cold, industrial production that lent 2001's _Discipline_ its misanthropic zest. Distinctly toned down is the manic blacker-than-black riffage of the album's predecessors. Hell, even Apollyon's demonic shriek seems to have lost a fair amount of its hellish impact. Rather than focusing on what the band are able to do extremely well, _Necrosis_ is a laboured attempt at capturing a vintage sound that at this point in time does not come naturally to the band. The album isn't without its merits, though: tucked away in the latter half of its duration are a select few hidden gems, most notably the Gorgoroth-esque "Awakening", but even these pale in comparison to anything that the band served up previously. Given the regression in quality and songwriting that's displayed here, _Necrosis_ comes across more as a collection of early demos than a band's fourth full-length effort. Necro as fuck? Hardly.


(article published 23/6/2004)

5/25/2000 P Schwarz 4 Cadaver - Promo 2000
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