Atrox - _Orgasm_
(Code666, 2003)
by: Brian Meloon (6 out of 10)
Norway's "schizometallers" Atrox have returned with their fourth album. This time around they've taken their brand of jazzy, progressive, avantgarde metal in a heavier direction: picture Dream Theater playing Meshuggah and you have a general idea of what they sound like. There are still some elements of their older style present, but in general the album is more straightforward and less experimental. This applies not only to the music but also to Atrox's most unique feature: Monika's vocals. Of course, there are still a few moments where she shrieks, squeals, or whines like a little girl, but she sings like a normal person for most of the album. This is an improvement in my eyes, as her singing really ruined some otherwise good parts of their previous discs for me. But fear not, for this duty is now aptly performed by the male backup vocalist, whose off-key caterwauling ruins the (luckily) few parts where he sings. Other than these moments though, nothing on this album really stands out to me as very good or very bad. Production and playing are competent but not exceptional, and most of the songs just have an uninspired feeling to them. Ultimately, their move to a more straightforward style is unfortunate, since it makes the band much less original.


(article published 16/6/2004)

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